Hydrex Pink 600ml
Size: 600ml
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Hydrex® 0.5%


  • For pre-operative skin disinfection prior to minor surgical procedures
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v in DEB 70% v/v combining immediate and sustained effect to prevent microbial re-growth
  • Broad efficacy spectrum (incl. bacteria, MRSA, yeasts and enveloped viruses)
  • Range of formats for ease of use
  • For delineation of the disinfected area, Red Staining Dye offers appropriate and enhanced visualisation when added to Hydrex®

The Hydrex® skin preparation and disinfection range is especially useful where quick-drying is required. If delineation of the disinfected area is required, the red staining dye can be added to the Hydrex® bottle.