SureScreen Diagnostics 10 Parameter
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BILIRUBIN / BLOOD / GLUCOSE / KETONES / LEUKOCYTES / NITRITES / PH / PROTEIN / SPECIFIC GRAVITY / UROBILINOGEN Urine Reagent Strips are like a quality control test for the body. The strips test many of the body's functions from the different parameters found in urine, allowing any problem to be investigated and addressed, before it gets serious. Urine undergoes many changes during states of disease or body dysfunction before blood composition is altered to a significant extent. Urinalysis is therefore a useful procedure as an indicator of health or disease, and as such, is a part of all routine health screening. The Urinalysis Reagent Strips (Urine) can be used in general evaluation of health, and aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of metabolic or systemic diseases that affect kidney function, endocrine disorders and diseases or disorders of the urinary tract. Simple to use, dip into urine, touch side of container when removing to take off excess liquid, observe colours against chart provided. Chart gives expected (normal) and unexpected (abnormal)results. Specially formulated to minimise colour bleeding on the strip.