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NOVAPLUS 380 is available in SILVER and COPPER

It is loaded by pulling back on the strings to draw the arms of the IUD into the introducer - Pull push method similar to the tried and tested fitting technique used for the Nova T 380.


  • MINI can be used as an alternative to MINI TT 380 slimline (5 year life span).
  • NORMAL / MINI are fundus seeking (which makes fitting to the correct position within the uterus easier)
  • MINI is the only T shape IUD with both shorter arms and shorter stem
  • MINI /NORMAL both contain 380mm2 of copper
  • MINI is very flexible and comfortable when fitted which makes it suitable for women with a smaller uterus and those who experience pain when fitted with other IUD's
  • MINI/NORMAL have been used throughout Europe for many years including Germany, Spain and France
  • Novaplus Ag NORMAL is the only alternative to Nova T as both have copper wire with a silver core to prevent fragmentation of the copper wire
  • Novaplus Cu may be used as alternative to other generics such as Neo-Safe T380, UT 380 that contain just copper wire
  • Novaplus AG approx 17% less expensive than Nova T 380 AG
  • Novaplus CU approximatly 16% less expensive than Neo safe T380
  • Cost effective emergency contraceptive
  • Claimable
  • The ideal fit and forget cost effective LARC method.

One of the most popular models used throughout Europe and the rest of the world